December 7, 2022

FCC Broadband Map Resource List

Resources for the FCC broadband map


FCC National Broadband Map – FCC Map of internet service across the United States

Press Release - January 13, 2023 is the deadline to submit challenges to the FCC’s National Broadband Map that will be used for BEAD funding allocations in June 2023

FCC Broadband Data Collections – Overview of challenge processes for Service Location (aka The Fabric), Fixed Availability, and Mobile Availability

Mobile Broadband Challenges

Bulk Mobile Challenge Process Overview – Disputing the availability of mobile broadband service in the FCC National Broadband Map

Speed Test Data for Bulk Mobile Challenges – Submitting speed tests to challenge mobile coverage shown in FCC National Broadband Map

bdc-mobile-speed-test-data-specifications.pdf – FCC Broadband Data Collection (BDC) standards for collecting and submitting mobile speed tests

FCC Speed Test App – The FCC approved app for capturing wireless network performance

FCC Speed Test App FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about the FCC Speed Test App

FCC Releases BDC Mobile Technical Requirements Order – A long read but Appendix A starting on page 78 is highly informative

Fixed Broadband Challenges

bdc-bulk-fixed-challenge-data-specifications.pdf – Process and specifications for submitting bulk challenges to fixed broadband availability

Overview of Fixed Availability Challenges – Video tutorial

Submitting Bulk Fixed Availability Challenge Data – Video tutorial