June 28, 2021

Red Mountain Scientific Joins the Rural Wireless Association to Accelerate Rural Broadband

Fort Collins-based SaaS company enabling the digital transformation of wireless infrastructure management for rural broadband expansion

Red Mountain Scientific (RMS), a comprehensive image intelligence platform for wireless infrastructure

management, provides fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use software that enables rural telecom providers,

engineering firms, and local industry to leverage the most advanced image data acquisition and analysis

techniques available for the management of their broadband facilities and wireless tower infrastructure.  

The RMS solution unlocks the full capabilities of both drone and smartphone acquired image data to

streamline antennae inventory, identify tower structural damage or corrosion issues, locate available

space for additional equipment, and visually document pre or post work modifications for site walks or

closeouts that results in a higher level of operational insight, time/cost savings, improved employee

safety, and increased revenue generation.   The RMS software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform achieves this

higher level of actionable insight by combining cutting edge Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning

techniques with rapid image uploading, intuitive viewing/visualization, and advanced

annotation/reporting tools.  

“We make the acquisition of image data easier, the visualization more insightful, and the utilization of

field and in-house resources more effective. Our goal is to create an unparalleled platform for the

wireless community that meets the challenges of Rip & Replace initiatives and the accelerated

expansion goals for rural broadband.” -- Mike Moses, CEO and Founder of RMS  

About Red Mountain Scientific

Red Mountain Scientific (RMS) provides automated data collection, web-based asset management, and

machine learning software for companies in the fast-growing wireless sector. The solution integrates

field-acquired image data with tower and network asset identification via our enterprise grade cloud

platform, to provide an intuitive visual interface for the management of these facilities.  The

streamlining of damage detection, asset inventory collection, and vacancy assessment results in a higher

level of operational insight, time/cost savings, improved employee safety, and enhanced revenue


About Rural Wireless Association

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Rural Wireless Association (RWA) is a trade association

representing rural wireless carriers who each serve fewer than 100,000 subscribers. RWA's members

have joined together to speed the delivery of new, efficient, and innovative wireless technologies to

remote and underserved communities. For more information visit