Gain a new perspective on your assets with Scalar

Plot and fly routes

Program a flight path into your drone or pick from pre-determined flight paths such as orbital or vertical climb.

Capture and sync images

The drone will snap photos along your route at specific intervals. All your photos sync automatically to the Scalar app when you are out of service and upload into the cloud when you reach wifi.

Download Scalar to start flying


Dealing with drones can often create headaches. Scalar makes it easy to add this modern image capture workflow with minimal equipment and training.

DJI Go compatible

Download and start using with any DJI drone.

iOS & Android Compatible

Use your existing hardware or leverage any consumer platform.

Upload straight to Strata.

Images automatically sync with your device and your project.

Consistent, reliable, repeatable flights

  • Generate flight logs to track exact properties of every flight.
  • Repeat flights on assets over time to generate change-detection reports.
  • Build orbital or pillar missions based on Point of Interest markings for all of your assets.

Be on-site from anywhere with Strata

Everything you need to consolidate, view, annotate, and manage your assets data from anywhere your browser is.

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Image gallery with quick filter options.
Click and drag to mark interest on assets and leave annotations.
Classify annotations to severity and category based on your preferences.

Start seeing more than just a spreadsheet

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