Drone, phone, camera, or hard drive–combine all your photos in one library

2D images or 3D point-cloud, whichever fits your workflow

Default to your existing photos or utilize 3D point cloud imagery for state-of-the-art analysis.

Integrate with your existing storage platforms

Keep your photos where they are. Log in to Strata through Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive accounts

Move your data beyond the truckroll

Vendors, contractors, field teams–it’s easy for information to get lost in the shuffle. Strata makes collaboration seamless so you don’t lose sight of your assets.

Give teams and contractors a convenient repo for all your site visit photos.

From maintenance, to installs, to insurance.

Collaborate on data instead of fighting to find it.

Don’t put work into looking for photos, put the photos to work for you.

Give management visibility into every site visit.

Why guess what your assets look like when you can look at them. From anywhere.

Help your field teams be more efficient

  • Automatically tag photos based on GPS, elevation, and cardinal direction.
  • No masking tape. No markers. Always know what direction you’re viewing.
  • Access Strata through any browser, no app downloads needed.

Streamline inspection dataflows

Provide a consistent method for field teams and back office to annotate and organize image data.

On-demand reports for every workflow

Back Office

Planning and forecasting

  • View vacancies and send photos of open locations
  • Assessment gaps in placement for geography and structure assets
  • Historic comparisons.


Validate asset delivery

  • View where assets are installed.
  • Confirm installation protocols were followed
  • Share photo validation with management

Inspections & Repairs

Maintenance analytics

  • Detailed lat/long and Camera angle data applied to each photo
  • Object detection for asset types
  • Change detection for structure and asset quality


Security assessment

  • Assess site security criteria from the back office.
  • Support insurance tracking
  • Supplement infrastructure safety inspections.

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